Simplex Solutions, Inc. is an innovative company providing customized business management solutions that meet the complex and dynamic business needs of utility companies and the contractors supporting them.

Our Origin Story

When Kevin Smith entered the utilities industry in 2009, covering 8 states in 6 years, he found that every company’s decision-making was based on weeks-old data. Tasked with establishing project controls on field operations and progress for senior management, he discovered that field teams were submitting reports, notes and commentary on paper slips documenting activities that took place three weeks prior. The result was incomplete data sets, haphazard assumptions, and speculative decision-making.

As a “systems thinker,” Smith was motivated to structure a system of digital dashboards with reporting profiles to facilitate remote data acquisition that feeds a comprehensive array of metrics and analytic tools, allowing real-time oversight of projects, budgets, staffing, inventory and other resources. Teaming up with CTO Charlie Leing, the Simplex infrastructure was developed as a customizable business management solution, suitable for either ERP integration or full stand-alone functionality.

Simplex Leadership

Kevin Smith, CEO

Kevin Smith’s determination and entrepreneurial spirit — combined with his mathematical and analytical prowess — drove him to become a founder of Simplex, and help build the company from the ground up.

After earning his Civil Engineering from Arizona State University, Kevin began his career working in California with one of the largest utilities in the country, carrying a mindset that, “Engineering allows me understand how and why things work, and to solve problems in virtually any realm.”

Kevin worked for several utility industry companies, moving across the nation to varied projects with differing roles and escalating responsibilities each time. Identifying and managing the challenges he identified as common throughout the industry, Kevin saw a need in the industry to streamline processes and standardize the flow of information between the office and the field. In time, he partnered with a software developer and Simplex Solutions was born.

When he’s not interacting with customers or managing the Simplex team, Kevin spends time with his four children and wife, traveling the world, often snowboarding or wakeboarding. He lives by the mindset that “life is an adventure, always ride the wave.”

Jenean Kirby, COO

Jenean Kirby joined Simplex in 2016 as a legal consultant and was immediately taken with our innovation, and the aspirations of the organization to solve problems and improve process — a close alignment with her skillset. In recognition of her obvious talent, passionate commitment and incredible potential, Simplex made her General Counsel.

Over the years, Jenean’s role grew as a result of her ability to make connections and address issues and efficiencies. Now, in addition to supervising several teams and departments, Jenean spends her days connecting with our customers, handling contract negotiations, and analyzing future market directions. A highly skilled leader with an extraordinary sense of team spirit, she’s always willing to roll up her sleeves and help train field personnel or provide demonstrations of Simplex Solutions’ software —ensuring that our customers receive our best service and support.

After earning her degree at Rutgers Law School and working with a large regional firm for several years, Jenean opened her own private law practice and took on an adjunct professorship at Rutgers Law School.

When she’s not in the office, Jenean can usually be found outdoors—skydiving, surfing, shooting hoops with her children, or traveling with her family. Her mantra is “living is the only thing worth dying for,” and she truly takes advantage of all the world has to offer. Jenean is committed to growing into a more enlightened global citizen each and every day.

Charles Leing, CTO

Charlie Leing joined Simplex in 2013 with an impressive and wide-ranging track record of career accomplishments as an IT manager and visionary. He oversees systems development, analysis and integration for the company.

Following developer/analyst positions early in his career at Salomon Brothers and Merrill Lynch, Charlie created mission-critical systems for U.S. stock exchanges, feeding real-time prices to the entire financial services industry. After selling that business, he launched multiple technology-driven firms for industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, construction, medical devices, energy management, supply chain management, logistics, staffing and biomedical laboratory management.

His extensive experience in business analysis, IT development and systems integration make Charlie ideally suited for the unique nature of Simplex’s utility industry work management solutions.